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Do you want to elevate employee performance and efficiency? Do you need a reliable team building partner?
If the answer is YES, then we are the right choice for you!

Join us for a team-building day and develop the team spirit, boost employee morale and productivity and mutual trust!
Let our indoor/outdoor games help you cultivate interconnected, trustful relationships with employees, increase loyality, build strong relational ties and facilitate the integration of new colleagues.
Our innovative team building programs are adapted to your needs and evolve with them. Our games are attractive, fun and exciting and deliver the desired results. Your investment will certainly pay off!
Arena No 1 will be in Serbia and abroad always by your side offering activities tailored to your needs!
You are our motivation!
Our team building motto is „together we are stronger“!

What do we offer and why should you choose us?
• Years of experience in organizing indoor/outdoor games, wealth of experience in organizing sports activities and all kind of events
• Our experts are always up-to-date with the latest global team building trends and they incorporate them successfully into our activities
• Our ideas and suggestions are a set of interacting components forming an integrated whole with clear goals and implementation techniques
• Our approach to each client is unique and we offer tailor-made solutions for his needs, so that all stakeholders are satisfied. What matters to our client matters to us: motivation, team spirit, collaborative workplace and employee loyalty.

Success guaranteed!
The way to success is simple and includes three basic steps:
- Introduction of your company for the purpose of creating tailor-made action plan for team building activities
- Goal setting in cooperation with you; identification of objectives: motivation, team spirit, collaborative workplace, employee loyalty
- Preparation and implementation of the program (activities) in order to achieve goals

What we offer is an all-inclusive package, but we can also organize separate activities and games according to your expectations and create a perfect team building event tailored to your needs!
Your are motivated to improve something and our goal is to provide support for you to succeed in it!

Our innovative activities include…
- Business process simulation through games. We work on developing motivation, team spirit, creating a collaborative workplace and boosting employee loyalty through games and indoor/outdoor activities
- Connecting management with employees by organizing cleverly designed joint activities for the purpose of creating a highly productive team
- Estimation of results and professional supervision of teams and individuals
- Combination of intellectually stimulating, creativity-stimulating, educational, funny and adrenaline activities
- Competitive and yet fair trust building activities

…and result in the following:

- Building trust inside your team and developing productive working relationships with colleagues (developing motivation to trust each other and building team spirit to boost productivity)
- Forming relationships of mutual respect between the management and employees (fostering employee loyalty towards the company)
- Identifying highly motivated communicative and creative employees, team players
- Boosting motivation through indoor/outdoor games, even in introverts; cultivating good relationships even among people with dissenting opinions
- Building a sense of community and trust among employees (team spirit), which will boost employee morale and productivity

Why does Arena deserve your trust?
Why are we unique?
- We build a direct link between team building activities and your company’s method of operation
- Our games develop: a sense of community, employee loyality, motivation, team spirit
- Loyality leads to the identification of employees with company values
- We create team building exercises designed to motivate bonding between people (management and staff) and to strengthen teams of individuals who are cooperating or may be working together
- Arena offers indoor/outdoor activities designed to connect people regardless of their differences, to be fun for everyone and didactic, simultaneously respecting individuality and organization’s hierarchical structures. Our activities support the creation of an integrated whole (a strong and stable team) that facilitates the smooth running of business operations – interactive team building with lasting results!


Arena is certified by international team building company Survive all for organizing team building events, wich guarantees professionalism and commitment to customers.

We know the way how to improve your buisiness through strong collective, mutual trust and loyalty to the company .

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