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Team building Serbia | Laser tag

Laser tag is one of the most modern games in the world. Laser Tag transfers video games like Far Cry and Counter Strike from computer monitors to reality.
Laser Tag may be played on our fields or fields of your choice. It can be the parking area in front of your house, the corridors in a building or the park-forest Kosutnjak, the river island Ada Ciganlija or the mountain Avala or anywhere else in the nature.
Protective equipment is not necessary, since this is a safe and clean game. The equipment can be ordered over the phone and delivered at the respective location and on the respective date. Scenarios and goals are determined in agreement with the client.
All you need is a marker (IR laser gun) and IR detector boards. High-tech equipment and a special computer-linked sensor are used for wireless data transfer. At the end of each game a detailed set of statistics is printed.

Team building Serbia | Arena

Do you want to elevate employee performance and efficiency? Do you need a reliable team building partner?
If the answer is YES, then we are the right choice for you!

Join us for a team building day and develop the team spirit, boost employee morale and productivity and mutual trust!
Let our indoor/outdoor games help you cultivate interconnected, trustful relationships with employees, increase loyality, build strong relational ties and facilitate the integration of new colleagues.
Our innovative team building programs are adapted to your needs and evolve with them. Our games are attractive, fun and exciting and deliver the desired results. Your investment will certainly pay off!
In Serbia and abroad, Arena will always be by your side offering activities tailored to your needs!
You are our motivation! 
Our team building motto is: „Together we are stronger“!

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