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Team Building Serbia | Belgrade | Chain reaction | Chain reaction

Wake up the child inside you and relieve stress. The chain reaction is an exciting program that combines strategy, imagination and skill.

Teams will have the opportunity to design, plan and make constructions that will cause a chain reaction. Success requires patience, good communication among the participants, and the ability to think beyond the boundaries.

Will ambition overcome abilities?


 What is the Chain Reaction Program?


In the chaos theory, the effect of butterflies is the concept that small causes can have great consequences. Inspired by the butterfly effect, the Chain Reaction program appears.

The task that the teams face is to create a construction that consists of a set of parts that perform simple tasks, which are connected so as to produce a domino effect in which the activation of one part triggers the next part in the array.


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The challenge is simple: just connect all the parts to create a mechanism that works. It is a test of creativity, cooperation and skills.

Teams accelerate as they test smaller parts and then improve them. Tension and excitement are rising. But in the end, everything is over and it’s time for the trigger. 

Will your teams succeed in combining their designs into one big mechanism and will the chain reaction be successful? Let’s see!


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