Team Building Serbia | Belgrade | Rollercoaster

Team building Serbia | Rollercoaster

Team Building Serbia | Belgrade | Rollercoaster | Rollercoaster






Participants will get exactly defined set of materials (such as wooden sticks, wooden lath, duck tape...) and instruction that will direct them to make their own rollercoaster.






The program contains two parts: In first part focus is on cooperation within teams, each team constracting their own rollercoaster. 


 Rollercoaster - Team building Arena


Rollercoaster is a tendency for people to connect, not to divide, because together they can do everything. That’s why we will eventually bring together all rollercoasters into one big, because the goal is to strengthen relationships. Each team will make a different construction, and it is for all participants to respect mutual differences and to find what is common in order to be able to integrate their construction with the construction of the team next to them.


Rollercoaster - Team building Arena


If everything works properly, the ball will cross over the united rollercoaster. The success of crossing the ball across the whole structure brings the moment of extreme excitement and euphoria of all participants, as well as the feeling of belonging and being part of the communion.

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