Team building Arena brings a piece of New Year’s magic to the youngest members of your company this year as well.


We have prepared several programs that we can implement in your indoor space or at the place of your choice.

Search for Christmass gifts

A program in which children of all ages participate. It consists of 5 stations (tasks).

Participants are divided into teams. In order to successfully complete the search for packages, each team solves a series of tasks and collects stickers to fill its mini-album.


  1. Soft archery – instead of standard targets, children shoot targets with New Year motifs.
  2. Santa’s Helpers – precision training ground, the goal of the game is to fill Santa’s sack with gifts.
  3. Giga Jenga – the goal is to extract as many Jenga pieces as possible.
  4. Mini quiz – questions about the New Year and Santa Claus.
  5. Team photo – taking pictures with New Year’s props. We send pictures in electronic form.

Children’s animation by Santa Claus is included in the price.

Duration about 1 hour

Up to 25 participants, price: 850 eur

Note: the price does not include a photographer, as well as packages for children.

Gifts awarding with the play Silver Fairy Tale

Santa Claus has been kidnapped! He was kidnapped by the evil Grdana and he cannot bring gifts for the children. Dwarves Tupko and Živka head to the North Pole to free Santa Claus. Along the way, they need a lot of strength, faith, love and courage to stand up to the evil witch. Embark on a New Year’s adventure and help our heroes free Santa Claus and distribute gifts to all the children of the world.

Included in the price: sound system and all necessary equipment, photographer and Santa Claus

The duration of the play is about 45 minutes

Painting up to 50 children for about 1.5 hours

Price: 850 eur

Note: the price does not include packages for children. If you would like a package proposal, please let us know.

Note: for a larger number of children, it is necessary to hire more Santa Clauses and divide them into different rooms.

New Year’s fair

Holidays are reserved for good mood, socializing, gift-giving and great fun. Inspired by that, we bring New Year’s magic to you. We have prepared a series of entertainment for you that adults will be able to enjoy as well as the little ones.

Clowns, mascots, face painting, Santa Claus, activities that are suitable for both children and adults, various creative workshops, sweets, will contribute to the atmosphere of the fair and your company will become a real little fun factory for one day.

Price on request.

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