If you want to give your colleagues a great party, after a hard meeting, or a long working day, this is the right program for that.


Advertiser’s day is an activity that will encourage creativity and wit among employees, but team spirit and mutual communication are key.


Participants are divided into teams (maximum up to 8 members per team).


Teams are in virtual rooms and communicate there.


Each team receives a certain product, or a video from a song on the topic of which they should record an advertisement. They need to divide the roles in the team (someone will be a director, someone an actor, someone a screenwriter …) and the actors record certain scenes with their phones. Later, the teams send the recorded material that we edit.


The program is divided in 2 parts:


– The first part (shooting) lasts up to 1.5 hours.

– Advertisements will be shown and the winner will be announced the next day (about 20 minutes).


Minimum for realization: 2 teams.

Number of participants: 10-∞

Duration: 90 + 20 min.


Arena team building


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