aqua ski

An adrenaline sport that guarantees good fun for both skiers and spectators. Although there are prejudices that this is a difficult sport, whether it is skiing on two skis, one ski, board or on the feet, with our methodology and step-by-step learning, everyone can master the basics. A great advantage of this team building activity are unpredictable situations, interesting but safe falls and the sure success of each participant. Considering that everyone has a certain amount of fear and excitement before and during skiing, support and encouragement was expressed among the participants, which directly affects the meaning and goals of the team building program. In addition to skiing, for each team building group there is an extreme (of course, safe) boat ride, which will take everyone’s breath away. An experienced driver behind the wheel of a boat of 5700 cubic meters and 300 horsepower, will create unforgettable moments. The time before and after skiing is spent on a club raft, intended for serious hedonism. At this place we organize preparation for skiing, food and drinks. The ambience of the raft will leave the impression of escaping from everyday life, city crowds and stress.

This is a place where people definitely get to know each other much better, make stronger and more sincere friendships and, of course, a place where no one leaves indifferent.

Arena team building


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