Archery is the skill of using a bow and arrow and belongs to white sports, such as tennis and golf. In ancient civilizations, this skill was highly valued and appreciated in hunting and combat, nowadays it has become an Olympic sport.

Physical activity, which is not as important as in other team building games, is replaced by a high degree of concentration and calmness, which is necessary to achieve in order to achieve the goal – to hit the target.

Impressions that each of the archers carries from the shooting range, are stories of unique experience that are retold for a long time and are an invaluable reminder that inner peace and tranquility and how they can reflect on the actions and behavior of an individual who as a calm and thoughtful person can contribute the strength of the business community of which it is a part.

Archery, one of the favorite team building activities of employees, influences the competitive spirit of employees, developing perseverance, calmness and tact.

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