Bio models team building

Enter the world of innovation, team spirit, and creativity with our unique Bio Models program, where we encourage your teams to showcase their creativity while taking on the challenge of creating fashion pieces using only recycled materials.

What makes Bio Models so special?

Bio models team building

Lančana reakcija - indoor team building Planning: Each team meticulously plans strategies and objectives for creating unique fashion pieces. This phase enables the development of effective business plans and coordination of team activities, reflecting the key steps of business planning.

team building arena Creation: Teams, using exclusively recycled materials, craft models that transform limitations into extraordinary possibilities. This mirrors real business challenges where creativity must align with resources, simultaneously fostering an innovative approach.

team building arena Innovation: Confronted with challenges and material constraints, teams are encouraged to explore new approaches, techniques, and ideas. Such an approach stimulates innovative thinking and a willingness to experiment—critical components of successful business innovation.

team building arena Testing and Revisions: The process of creating models serves as a platform for testing ideas and adapting them. Teams adopt an agile approach, swiftly responding to feedback and adapting to changes—essential skills for success in a dynamic environment.

Lančana reakcija - indoor team building Competition: During the fashion show, teams showcase their creations in a competitive environment. This is an opportunity to demonstrate the team’s ability to stand out and be noticed in a competitive setting. The red carpet and VIP photo wall further enhance the experience, allowing participants to feel like true stars.

Bio models team building

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