We all know how to cross a bridge, but what should we do if that bridge comes to us in parts?

There is a challenge in front of your team – build a bridge that will take you to the other side of the lake / river, where lunch is waiting for you :). The bridge arrived in parts that are also “encrypted”, so it cannot be agreed in any way, but the participants must make an effort for the project to be successful.

And the challenge: each team builds its part of the bridge where cooperation and communication within the team comes to the fore. Patience and precision are necessary for all parts to fit in properly and for each team segment to fit in with the other teams. Resource management is also essential for the task to be completed within a given time.

Challenge II: teams immerse their segments and interconnect them to build a usable bridge over which everyone crosses

Teams will assign roles to participants, some will be the project manager, some will be in charge of communicating with other teams, some will be in charge of security, and the rest of the team will be involved in building the bridge.

Bridge is a unique program and was developed by Team building Arena. From the initial disbelief that it is possible to make a bridge that can be crossed, until the end of the program, the participants will go into a phase of euphoria when everyone really crosses to the other shore.

Recommended number of participants in the team: 4-8 per team, the number of teams depends on the size of the group. The program is ideal for groups of 30 to 96 people

Benefits: development of leadership skills, communication within the team and between teams, breaking cells (silos) in the company, getting out of the comfort zone, breaking their own boundaries.


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