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Socially Responsible Team Building - Build Your Wind Farm

Build Your Wind Farm is a creative construction program with an emphasis on raising awareness about sustainable energy production and consumption of resources. The implementation of the program provides an excellent opportunity for employees to familiarize themselves with the process of clean energy production and contemplate the vision of the future in which they would like to live.

How does the program work?

Socially Responsible Team Building - Build Your Wind Farm

team building arena Part One: Each team receives a set of materials and precise instructions on how to create their unique wind turbine, as well as the structure they want to illuminate. This creative process stimulates innovation, team collaboration, and critical thinking.

Part Two: All created wind turbines are placed within a shared space – your wind farm. Here’s where the magic happens! Teams will use fans to set the wind turbines in motion, generating electrical energy that will be used to illuminate the structures. This part of the program not only demonstrates the power of teamwork but also creates a vision for a future based on sustainability.

Arena team building


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