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Your teams don’t always work well together? They do not understand that for the progress of the company, it is necessary for each team to give its maximum and to cooperate with other teams during that time? Want to unite and develop better inter-team relationships?

We have the right program for you!

Imagine a city. What do you see in him?

Your task will be to design and make it all from the materials that you will receive. The teams work to develop a shared vision and strategy that they set using creativity and excellent project management skills.

Late mutual communication and cooperation will be crucial for success because each team works on its part, but in the end everyone unites to create one big city.

City build is a fun and unforgettable experience that relies on the engagement of all individuals, but also on good team dynamics.

Number of participants:we recommend from 3 to 5 participants per team. The number of teams is not limited but we recommend a minimum of 7 teams to make the project reach the target.

Benefits:development of team and inter-team communication, breaking of cells (silos), project management, development of leadership skills.


Arena team building


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