cooking masterclass

A program that is becoming more and more popular, both among companies and among Arena facilitators – everyone wants to host events like this, and the reason is, guess for yourself!

Meals can be prepared in the restaurant space, restaurant kitchen, but more and more often and relaxed, outside!

The cooking workshop can be connected to another team building program, education or make you prepare lunch between the two blocks of the program.

There are various menu options, we will arrange it with you, and the program is such that it will workparticipants team prepare food and then cook it. Great fun is guaranteed as well as good food for the end of the workshop. Top masters, chefs, are there to help, give advice and pass on their secrets. In addition to cooking lunch, you will also learn some, very useful, cooking skills that you will apply at home in the future!

At the end of the program, our expert jury will announce the team of the best chefs!

Number of participants:we recommend teams of 3 to 10 participants. As for the total number, for the outdoor program the number of participants is not limited, for the indoor program, depending on the location, the maximum is generally 30 participants.

Benefits: great fun, development of team spirit through mastering new skills, relaxed atmosphere in which colleagues will get to know each other better.

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