A program in which team collaboration in solving a dark mystery will be crucial!


Teams must uncover the secrets of an obscure crime. Two unexplained murders took place in a small motel in the Alps, where the participants of the secret conference are staying. Police conducted an investigation, recorded every trace and questioned the suspects. Every person had a motive to commit a crime, however, neither motive nor alibi is convincing enough. “Due to the lack of evidence, no one was arrested and further investigation was suspended.”


The participants did not accept this result and, with the help of detective documentation, they continued the investigation. Roles can be divided within the team or the whole team will approach the case together.


A certain amount of time has been given to solve the mystery. It takes good communication within the team, logic and good understanding to solve the mystery. Competitors are divided into teams of a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 participants.


Number of participants: 6-∞

Duration: 1.5-2h

Price: 180 eur per team