You are planning a team building for your employees. This time you have decided that it will be an outdoor activity, organized outside. It would be great for everyone to get together and enjoy the outdoors at the same time. What should you plan in advance?

Here are a few key items.


What kind of team building activities do you want to organize?

Think in advance what kind of activity you want to organize for your employees, and then check whether the activity can be held outdoors or indoors, or both are possible.

Certain programs require special equipment and conditions that determine where the program can be held. E.g, Raft building– program and raft racing can be organized only outdoors, next to the lake, program City build is organized exclusively indoors, many materials would be scattered even in the mildest wind, and in case of rain, if they got wet, the vast majority of materials would perish and would be unusable, while for example the program Filmmaking workshop is possible to organize both as an external and as an internal activity.


How active are your participants?

Note that both external and internal programs can be physically demanding for employees. At the same time, external programs tend to be more active and include additional fatigue factors such as sun, wind, rain and movement. A day in the sun can be empowering for some and exhausting for others. Therefore, it is advisable to plan the realization if possible in a shaded space, with the use of sunscreen and be sure to provide water for participants if the outdoor program is your choice. Assess the general physical condition of your group and make a decision based on whether an outdoor or indoor activity is the best choice for you.


What is the perfect length of the program?

The length of the event depends on your program, goals, but also on the conditions in which the program takes place. In the interior with a conference room, your employees can sit comfortably for hours. They have toilets, tables and chairs. On the other hand, your outdoor program may be shorter if the environment is too hot, cold, humid or uncomfortable. But imagine the whole day in the beautiful surroundings of the lake with picnic tables, food, activities, shade and a refreshing breeze. A program like this could easily take eight hours. We also recommend that you bring insect repellent and sunscreen in case any of the employees need it.

At the end of the activity, how do you want your employees to feel … strengthened, relaxed, inspired and inspired?

Leaving the office may be exactly what the whole team longs for. Program Cooking workshop in an attractive outdoor environment or a unique indoor place for Painting workshop it could be what your team needs. In order to really consider all the options for organizing team building activities, ask yourself one more question: is a more or less active program the right choice for your employees, will it suit the vast majority of employees, will the duration be sufficient? or too long?



A successful team building program can take place in many environments and include many activities. The secret to choosing the right event for your team involves finding a program that will meet your goals and ensure that the environment suits everyone.