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Due to the dense and intensive schedule, your employees can feel monotonous at work, turning each one of them only to their responsibilities. This is something that affects employee performance. Therefore, the appropriate motivation is needed to reunite and work as a team. Why not organize an exciting corporate event where employees would come with their families, have fun and hang out with each other? The effect will be great: bringing families closer and getting to know each other, a relaxing atmosphere and good fun for adults and children will fill the day with the most beautiful values under your business vision of a successful team. Also, this will create stronger trust and greater loyalty of the entire team.


First of all, what is Family Day?

Family day is a corporate activity that brings together the work environment, and personally, family, of your employees. We sincerely believe that the spirit that surrounds Family Day, when you can gather everyone in the company for fun and socializing – games, food, prizes, children’s games and good fun, music and dance, the spirit of strengthening employee ties, strengthening your human capital and strengthening feelings belonging to your team. Because Family Day is an event that employees would not want to miss!


What can be found at Family Day?

Everything you want, tailored to your needs, structure and size of the group, ie. number of employees, as well as the space where everything will be organized. It is certain that we never organize two of the same Family Days, because we try to make each one as personalized and authentic as possible.

If there is a topic for Family Day, it is even better. Our professional team with 20 years of experience in organizing events will do their best to help you with that as well.



Carnival is a special program unit on our Family Days, which will test all your senses with cheerful colors, good music and a lot of content and will take you back to your childhood, where you will wait in line with the youngest to try every game we have prepared for you.



Some of the content we can organize for children and adults:

– Coordination of batons

– Bubble race

– Balloon ride

– Landing zone

– Ring toss

– Three rounds around the baton

– Transmission of toxic waste

– Race with a baton – witty

– Getting through the hoops

– Large inflatable slide

– Trampoline

– Face painting

– Balloon modeling

– Station with Lego bricks

– Tattoo station

– A glass race

– Water pistol war

– Creative workshop (painting, ceramics, making eco pomades, making beehives, making birdhouses or other on request)

– “Frisbee Score”

– Mini Football

– Darts

– Live Mikado

– Chess

– Kubb – Viking chess

– Photo booth wall

– Airsoft targets

– Badminton

– Electronic quiz



Food and drinks

Food and drinks at our events are served in unlimited quantities throughout the event, or as needed at a pre-arranged time. We have prepared 3 different packages that differ in price and content. And without worries, food and drink there is always enough for everyone!


How do we do that?

We have already boasted that we have been professionally organizing events for 20 years. In addition, Team Building Arena will organize everything for you from logistics, through protocol, branding, sound, music, drinks and food, to activities. We organize the family day on a “turnkey” basis, which will give you one less headache. We organize most of the content completely by ourselves, without the need for external suppliers.



And to conclude, Family Day is an opportunity for team building that will strengthen team spirit. Team members will socialize together and try out various creative activities. The company will become a kind of big family in which everyone has a certain role, but in which everyone works for a common goal with joy and positive energy. Once you try this emotion, it will be the first step towards creating a better work environment for the future!

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