Family day is the day when companies open the doors of their offices, or facilities to the families of their employees. It originated in America, and later spread to Europe and other parts of the world. Companies in Serbia have long recognized the benefits of organizing such an event, whether it is those with thousands of employees, or those with far fewer workers.

Employees have the opportunity to bring children or other family members to the company and show them their workplace and what they actually do when they are not at home. Apart from being interesting, especially when it comes to children, this act that the company prepares for its employees has a much deeper meaning for them.



We have listed 10 reasons why it is good to organize a family day for your employees:


1. Building trust

Trust is one of the most important things in the company-employee relationship. By opening the doors of your company to the families of employees and socializing with them, you give your employees the feeling that they are an important link in the chain of your company. By doing so, you build mutual trust, which brings multiple benefits to both parties.


2. Mutual rapprochement of employees

Given the fact that we spend the same or most of the day at our workplace with our colleagues and that we see them every day, it is necessary to work on developing their relationship. Organizing a family day is one of the ways to maintain and develop healthy relationships in your team. By bringing family members into the work environment and getting to know each other, it contributes to creating better relationships and stronger ties, which is transferred to the work process and has a positive effect on the company itself.


3. Strengthening team spirit

In addition to various activities for children during the family day, you can organize one or more central team building activities. Team building Arena offers you a wide range of activities that will strengthen your team.

We single out programs such as Roman chariot races, catapult war, team and adrenaline games. And if you want to include children, then we recommend games without borders, a village Olympics, or a treasure hunt. Whatever activity you decide on, we are sure you will feel the right team atmosphere and competitive spirit.


4. Reducing stress in employees

Participating in activities and socializing with colleagues will reduce the daily stress caused by short deadlines and a large amount of work. Participants will have the opportunity to divert their thoughts from work tasks and obligations in a relaxed atmosphere, which will have a positive impact on their performance at work.


5. Fun

As important as work is, so is enjoyment outside of work activities. By organizing various fun activities at Family day events where children and adults can participate equally, it will make your employees remember this day as truly special.


6. Motivation

If after a challenging year you want to motivate your employees, family day is one way to do it. The atmosphere among your employees will be much better, with less tension and more collegiality after this kind of socializing.


7. Responsibility

Involving your employees’ family members in family day activities shows that you are a responsible company and that you care about the common good of your employees, you show that you care about their needs and make them feel better in their work environment.


8. Loyalty

We know that the path to worker loyalty is thorny and long. The recipe is to take care of their needs as much as possible and to create positive work energy, a sense of belonging and an atmosphere that they will not want to replace or leave, and on the other hand will feel even greater responsibility towards the company.


9. Celebrating success

If your company has achieved exceptional results in the past period, family day is a great way to celebrate it with your employees. You will let them know that you are grateful for their commitment and reward their hard work and dedication.


10. Encouraging a competitive spirit

Nurturing a competitive spirit among employees within healthy limits is extremely important for your team, regardless of the activity in which you are engaged. At family day events, you can organize activities that encourage inter-team competition, whether it is a race in nature (such as the Challenger Hunters activity) or an activity that does not require much physical effort (such as a cooking workshop).



How to organize a family day?

In the first place, it is necessary to plan the event well. Here are some key things to keep in mind when organizing a Family Day event:

1. Budget

To begin with, determine the approximate budget you plan to spend on the event, it will shorten your time in planning when you know what you have available.


2. Concept

Determine what kind of event you want. Do you want to organize a carnival with the most activities for children, but in which adults can also participate (for example: artificial rock, archery, paintball targets, various workshops (painting, ceramics workshop, acting) or you will focus to more active programs like games without borders. If you have many employees, we suggest a mix of all these activities because it is very important that each of the participants always has something to do.


3. Drinks and food

In addition to fun and fun, it is very important to provide food and drink for the participants, it will complete the experience.


4. Invitations

Be sure to create an invitation to the event to which employees will respond by reporting whether they will attend the event. That way you will know how many people you can expect and how to deploy them. It is good to write activities on the invitations, so that those interested can immediately decide which activities and workshops they want to participate in.


5. Cold

Since such events are mostly organized outdoors, it should be borne in mind that it is necessary to provide tents and pagodas that will provide shade, especially in places where food is served and where people stay longer, it is also necessary to provide enough seating (tables and benches).


6. Branding

Branding the whole event is of great importance, banners, balloons, stands, every detail should be in the sign of the company and the logo should be spread wherever possible.


7. Required infrastructure

Toilet, water, electricity, trash cans.


8. Photography and recording

In addition to noting the most beautiful moments, you will be able to use the materials you create at the event for various promotional purposes later.


9. Timetable

Schedule activities in advance.


10. Security

It is very important to take care of safety, especially if you organize this event within the company, you must clearly mark the zones to which access is not allowed and always have an expert (someone from the company) when taking participants on a tour.

Where to organize a Family Day?

Depending on how big your company is and what it does, you can organize such events in the following locations:

Family day within the company / factory

If your area is production, logistics or processing and you have a large space around the company, we suggest that you organize a family day right at your factory. Families of employees will have the opportunity to see directly how something is made or assembled, how car parts are made, how certain foods are made, or how clothes and shoes are made. Make a small entertainment factory in your workspace that day, and in order for the whole organization to run in the best order, Team building Arena will take care of all the details.

Family day at locations in Belgrade:

If you do not have the conditions to organize such an event within your company, and you do not want to go out of town, we suggest several locations where it is possible to organize such an event:

Ada Ciganlija

In addition to the fact that Ada is one of the most beautiful destinations in the city, at this location we can organize various team building or family day events. As we already have a paintball field on Ada, it can be one of the activities at the event, while the rest can be set up nearby. We can also organize food and drinks for the participants outdoors. And if you want the food to be organized in one of the restaurants, then we can place the activities closer to the restaurant.


Avala is another favorite resort of Belgraders, in addition to the beautiful nature, it offers many benefits when it comes to such an organization. What we recommend as a proven service is the Avala Eco Park, where we can organize drinks and food, and the environment is suitable for all activities within the Family Day.


Another destination that is suitable for such events, there are several restaurants that can be a base for activities, and participants will forget that they are in the city amidst the greenery and nature they are surrounded by.

Family day outside Belgrade

There are various locations in Serbia where we can organize such events. The choice depends primarily on where the company is located and how many employees. If you have over 1000 employees, the locations we recommend are:

Frushka Gora, Zasavica, Kovilovo, Palic and the like.

There are many other important things to keep in mind when organizing a Family Day. Team building Arena has a long list of successfully organized events of this type, many companies have given us many years of trust, and if you want to appear as a guest at a family day in your company and get the whole event on a turnkey basis. let us know today.