Family Day / Porodični Dan - Team Building Arena

family day

Family day is perfect to break down barriers among employees, but also to spend quality time with colleagues and family.

In a fun and relaxed atmosphere, everyone will recharge their batteries, connect with each other on a deeper level and thus the motivation at work will be higher.

Children will have the opportunity to see the space and atmosphere in which their parents work, and you as a company show your team that you appreciate their family's contributions.

Family day is unique program as it provides a wide range of activities for all age groups. Each Family day is unique and designed to meet all your criteria.

We create offers according to your requirements, the number of employees and the space where everything will be organized. We are specialize in organizing events on a “turnkey basis” so you don't have to worry about anything.

We will organize everything from logistics, through protocols, branding, sound, music, drinks and meals, to activities.

The carnival will test all your senses with cheerful colors, good music and a lot of content and will take you back to your childhood, where you and the youngest will wait in the office to try every game we have prepared for you.

The program is equally adapted for children and adults, designed as one of the most fun family days that you can experience in one place. Above the text you can see some of the carnival activities.