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Organize a Family Day and allow employees to show their families where they work, who their colleagues are, and what they do. At the same time, they will enjoy shared activities that, because of the presence of families, will make employees feel like part of a larger community, not just colleagues working together. And all while everyone relaxes and enjoys the incredible activities we have prepared for you.

We organize Family Day events for companies of all sizes and requirements. Regardless of how big or small your company is, we have a solution for you.


The Family Day program includes a variety of:

  • fun,
  • creative and
  • educational activities.

All activities are tailored for both children and adults. You will enjoy shared activities such as team games, sports competitions, creative workshops, and the youngest will have fun with clowns, mascots, inflatable playrooms, theater performances, creative corners, and much more.

All of these activities strengthen employees’ ties to the company and collegiality as well as family and friendship bonds, improve communication, and increase motivation.


We will organize everything from logistics, protocol, branding, sound, music, drinks, and food to activities. All you have to do is imagine, and we are here to bring that idea to life!

Family Day for Companies - Team Building Arena


1. Family Day within the Company/Factory Premises

Our service enables the organization of these events at a location of your choice, even within your company’s premises, providing you with complete flexibility and comfort. This option allows your employees and their families to enjoy activities without the need for travel, fostering team spirit and camaraderie within your organization.

Employees’ families will have the opportunity to see firsthand what their loved ones do, and we will ensure that within your workspace, we create a true factory of fun, so that both adults and children can enjoy.

2. Family day in Belgrade

If your desired location is Belgrade, we have several recommendations for you:

  • Ada Ciganlija
    Ada isn’t just one of the most beautiful destinations in the city; it also offers an ideal environment for team building or Family Day events. With our paintball field already available at Ada, this activity can be one option, while others can be organized nearby. We can arrange food and beverages for participants in outdoor spaces or at one of the nearby restaurants, tailored to your preferences.
  • Avala
    Avala is a popular outing spot for Belgraders, offering beautiful nature and amenities for such events. We recommend Eko Park Avala, where we can organize food and beverages, while the surroundings provide space for various activities during Family Day.
  • Košutnjak
    Another destination suitable for such events, there are several restaurants that can serve as a base for activities, and participants will forget they’re in the city amidst the greenery and nature that surrounds them.

3. Family Day Outside Belgrade

There are various locations in Serbia where we can organize Family Day events. The choice depends primarily on where the company is located and how many employees. If you have over 1000 employees, the locations we recommend are:

  • Fruška Gora
  • Zasavica
  • Kovilovo


Contact us and let us help you create an unforgettable experience for your employees and their families. With our experienced team at your disposal, you’ll enjoy a memorable day full of laughter, fun, and togetherness!

If you’re still wondering if we’re the right choice for you, just take a look at some of what we’ve done so far. We believe that our work speaks volumes about our quality and reliability.

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