global warming

Put your teams in an unusual story!

“A brilliant scientist has found a solution to the problem of global warming as well as the problem of pollution of our planet as a result of human negligence. It is a synthesized crystal, which effectively and without harmful consequences, neutralizes pollution. However … ”

To participants, divided into teams, are given logical and physical tasks to solve in order to reach the crystal. This is a game that strengthens the team spirit of the employees, because the goal of the game is that the participants, even though they are divided into teams, in the end everyone has to cooperate in order to reach the final solution.

Number of participants: from 3 to 6 per team. Up to 24 participants in total. For larger groups the program is multiplied.

Benefits: Teamwork, development of resourcefulness and logic. Breaking clans and developing inter-team cooperation. Participation of all teams is necessary in order to successfully complete the task!

Space: Global warming is planned to take place in the open. If necessary, it can be adapted to be performed inside, but in that case we would recommend our “indoor” programs for breaking clans and developing inter-team cooperation: rollercoaster, chain reaction, city build, be part of the bigger picture.


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