Want to organize a team building activity, but have doubts? We often meet with managers and HR of companies who are not sure how to decide on the right team building activities. In fact, their fear is that they will opt for activities that will not significantly contribute to the teams, and will set aside time and money for the occasion. With all of the above in mind, we decided to make it easy for you and give you some tips to get the most out of team building.


What is not team building?

Many companies do not really understand the true values of team building. Some see it solely as an opportunity for entertainment and fun, which actually does nothing to create a healthy team atmosphere. Many use it to rest the team from strenuous meetings and constant fatigue, however team building can contribute much more.

True team building at its core brings the development of a set of skills that allows participants how to better cooperate with each other, function under pressure and work harmoniously in difficult situations. Through them, you will learn how to communicate more successfully, resolve conflicts and look at the situation from someone else’s point of view, respect the skills and talent that everyone in the team provides.


When to organize team building?

Although this may not be the case, team building activities are often organized when a problem arises in the functioning of the team. Usually it is some small disagreements or there is simply a desire to create better dynamics in the team. Creating better dynamics within the team also improves productivity. We can, therefore, conclude that employee relations themselves actually greatly affect a company’s business.

Therefore, it is very important to take care of them and react when disagreements and problems arise. Before organizing the team building itself, the key thing is to define the problem. You can do this by observing the functioning of teams, talking to them, surveys …

There are various ways, but what is important is to create open communication with them. Let them feel free to turn to you when something is bothering them about work. HR must thoroughly examine and define the problem that arises, because it is the only way to choose a suitable team building activity as a remedy for it.


How to choose the right activity?

Team building exercises are varied, some more serious and some totally “crazy”. They include some simple things like quizzes and puzzles, but also adrenaline activities like paintball, airsoft and laser tag. Creativity, too, is not lacking in them. If you decide on team building, you may find yourself in a position to create funny commercials, political elections, compete in drinking beer, fight on paintball fields. team.

Although many of the team building activities seem interesting and fun, many of them do not bring much value if they are not well planned and carefully selected. That is why it is very important to pay attention when choosing organizers. Many are “blinded” by the activities offered, focusing only on the wide range of choices offered. However, what you need to check in addition is experience and professionalism. Of great importance, apart from the program of activities, is the way they are implemented.

The person who leads the team through the activities must be experienced and professional in their work. It is the person who must guide them through the exercises and ensure that they learn a lesson. It must enable them to take that knowledge with them and use it again when they find themselves in a working atmosphere, which is not an easy job. That is why it is important to carefully choose a partner who will implement your ideas.

How to get the most out of team building?

As an HR, you need to know that the effects of team building will not always be immediately visible, nor can they be permanent. Especially in a situation where relationships are more severely broken, there is no “quick fix” in the form of a couple of hours of team building that will solve everything. However, there are a few steps you need to follow to get the most out of it:

  • Custom activities

Detect a specific problem that exists in the team, and then adjust your choice of activities to solve it. To make sure you make a good choice, you can measure the effects of team building over time and whether they have met the goals you set. You can do this by observing whether managers have become more open to suggestions and opinions of employees, whether employees discuss more with each other and work together on projects, etc.


Also, managers (directors) often wonder if they should be part of team building. We believe that they should definitely be a part of that, thus setting a good example and working on communication with their team. It often happens that the main problem arises in the communication between workers and managers. In this way, they will get to know the employees better, which can enable them better cooperation and relations with them. He can see the mistakes he makes in communication and become more open to other people’s opinions.


  • Education + fun

The most effective will be activities that are at the same time purposeful but also bring fun. In that way, you will take a break from work, but also acquire new knowledge and train for new skills. Try to choose an activity that will bring relaxation and laughter. It is best learned and adopted when you don’t really notice it because you have a good time. In that way, the employees will not see this as an additional obligation and “hassle”.


  • Work on communication

Perhaps the key thing is that the organization of team building is not over. After that, it is necessary to maintain a positive atmosphere and communication in the teams. Insist on fully open communication. You can also conduct your own in-house activities from time to time to check if there are certain communication problems and how they are being resolved. If you are satisfied with the effects of the team building that has already taken place, re-organize it periodically. If you are satisfied with the effects of the team building that has already taken place, re-organize it periodically.


Arena as a reliable partner

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