musical workshop

You will not believe that your team, which probably consists of people who do not have a musical background, managed to play a melody that sounds great by the end of the workshop. So the goal of the program is not to teach you to play notes, but to harmonize with the whole team through the music track! We do it in a very fun and interactive way.

The difficulty of the program is adjusted to the participants and the facilitators will, if they feel that you can do more and better, add the appropriate elements of the program to get the most out of the team.

A music workshop can be conducted for one or more teams with each team having its own moderator. The moderator teaches his team to play one piece of music, and in the end, the teams present what they have learned to each other.

A large number of different percussion instruments, drums and rattles are used for the instruments.

This workshop is great fun for employees and at the same time a way to discover their talent.

Number of participants: maximum 24 per team. If the group is larger, it is divided into groups of up to 24 participants and an instructor works with each group.

Benefits: teamwork, fun, creativity development.

Space:we recommend indoors. Each team must have its own room.


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