online quiz

Test your knowledge, have fun and have a good laugh while solving the answers to the questions that appear on the screen of your mobile phone!

The online quiz can be played individually or in teams. You will receive 4 offered answers to each question, of which only 1 is correct. No negative points. The correct answer is scored, as well as the time for which it was given. You have 15 seconds to answer, and every second takes a certain number of points. For 1 answer it is possible to win a maximum of 100 points.

For 1 answer it is possible to win a maximum of 100 points. After clicking on the link, you will first enter the desired username, and then, in case you play the quiz as a team, you will select your team. The team score is the average response of all team members. So all members will answer each of the questions, and communication in a separate separate chat or invitation will help the group to give as many correct answers as possible.

This program includes a license for a quiz, professional program management, as well as the preparation of interesting questions.


Number of participants: 10-∞

Duration: 10-60 min.

Arena team building


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