You would like to gather your team but you are not sure how due to the coronavirus epidemic. Your employees work from the warmth of their homes. Due to the epidemiological situation, you are not sure whether it would be safe to organize a team building for your team. Do not worry! Arena has prepared online team building programs for you that will fully meet your needs.

What is the purpose of online team building?

As COVID-19 disrupted business, most teams were forced to work remotely. Contacts (physical) among employees are reduced and rarer. Remote work can quickly turn into an emotional distance that in turn leads to isolation. When your employees feel isolated, they will not enjoy working together with their teammates! Our online (virtual) programs provide an opportunity to strengthen your team relationships and improve mutual cooperation. At the same time, our products are fun and relaxing. Employees will have the opportunity to have a good time, have a good smile and forget about worries and problems for a while, together with their colleagues from the team.

How does online team building work?

In short, employees will participate in one of the activations offered by us via the Internet. Naše online programe zaposleni mogu rešavati timski ili individualno, takmičeći se sa drugim kolegama iz kolektiva. Programs can be solved from your comfortable home armchair or while walking in one of the programs that are realized outside. All this is accompanied by communication through one of the online platforms of your choice. So you can be carefree, gathering participants in one place is not necessary! Our professional staff will give you all the necessary instructions on how to start activation. We will prepare links for your games for you. Everything will be ready long before the team building and forwarded so that you can then send a link to the game to all participants. It is up to you to choose a communication platform and possibly divide the participants into teams. Before the start of the game, our staff will explain in detail all the rules and help, if necessary, with logging into the game. In addition, throughout the duration of the program, our technical support will be available at the service of employees, also as needed.


What are all the games on offer?

Team building Arena is constantly working to increase the range of activities. We currently offer the following online programs:

  • Online adventure
  • Online quiz
  • In the fresh air
  • Tesla quest
  • Kalemegdan quest


Online adventure

In front of you is a series of unusual and seemingly unsolvable riddles that you have to figure out. You have gathered a group of the most capable people who you believe are the only ones who have risen to this challenge. Choose your character and embark on this unusual adventure. While solving the adventure, you will have to be creative, respond to intricate puzzles, record a short video, photograph funny portraits, solve logical tasks … The winner is the group that is the first to solve all the challenges. The minimum for realization is 10 people.


Online quiz

Test your knowledge, have fun and have a good smile while solving the answers to the questions that appear on the screen of your mobile phone. You will receive 4 offered answers to each question, of which only 1 is correct. No negative points. The correct answer is scored, as well as the time for which it was given. You have 15 seconds to answer, and every second takes a certain number of points. For 1 answer it is possible to win a maximum of 100 points. For 1 answer it is possible to win a maximum of 100 points. After clicking on the link, you will first enter the desired username, and then, in case you play the quiz as a team, you will select your team. The team score is the average response of all team members. So all members will answer each of the questions, and communication in a separate separate chat or invitation will help the group to give as many correct answers as possible.


In the fresh air

Participants in this program move outside and activate tasks by crossing a certain distance. The task will be activated by activating the odometer. Your task is to “climb 20 mountains” around the world whose locations you see on the map! Of course, you won’t really climb these mountains, but you will move outside and get one task every 100-200 meters and reach the top of a mountain. To climb up to 20 mountain peaks you will need about 2-3km of walking. The correct answers and the time for which they are provided are scored.


Tesla quest

Take a walk through the smallest, but one of the most beautiful municipalities in Belgrade, Vracar, and get acquainted with the life of Nikola Tesla, and at the same time with all the beautiful things that Vracar has to offer. Collect as many points as possible, find yourself at the top of the table and win prizes!


Kalemegdan quest

You are in the kingdom of King Vladislav. You see hurried soldiers all around you, people are locking themselves in their houses. A boy approaches you and tells you that the queen has been kidnapped and that the king has announced a reward for the one who brings her home. The kidnapper is a notorious bandit. He has been sowing fear in the kingdom for years and no one is allowed to oppose him. The king was forced to embark on a liberation mission on his own, but, unfortunately, he did not manage to overcome all the obstacles that came his way. Can you help King Vladislav outwit the robber and bring the queen back within the walls of the kingdom?


Please note that all programs are more or less adaptable to your requirements. Do not hesitate, call us for any additional details and conditions. We will do our best to ensure that your employees, despite the specific circumstances, do not lack enthusiasm, commitment to the team and a common goal!