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Marijana i Jelena, treneri PCM metodologije

Marijana and Jelena


are long-term trainers in the PCM (Process Communication Model) methodology that NASA used for almost two decades to form and develop teams. Certified as among the first trainers in Serbia, these methodologies have been used in companies such as Siemens, Mercator S, Mlekoprodukt, Marlo, Renault (Croatia), Alphabet Group (BiH), Novo Nordisk (Federation of BiH, Republika Srpska),…

If you want to work on conflict prevention and resolution, individual and team motivation, team cohesion and dynamics, recognizing personal responsibility, and easier and better communication with faster understanding between different levels within the organization – this is the right methodology for you!

Training can be conducted independently or as part of team building activities in an interactive, fun, and dynamic manner so that participants can make the most of PCM’s potential in a short period.


Ljiljana Bunjac, NLP coach

Ljiljana Bunjac


is an NLP Trainer, integrative, psychodynamic counselor under supervision, and entrepreneur with 17 years of work experience in human interaction through training and education, both in corporations and family businesses.

She is the creator of multiple proprietary educational programs, a former handball player, and an enthusiast of ecological topics.

She believes that education is a much broader concept than schooling and that the only path forward consists of three main markers: a commitment to continuous improvement, an unending quest for new knowledge and experiences, as well as a tenacious struggle with one’s own limitations.

She believes that the greatest value of acquired knowledge is realized when we put it in the service of ourselves and others.




is a graduate engineer of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Master of Economics, volleyball player – once active, but forever in love with this wonderful sport. She is a mother of two boys and deeply believes that family is the key to happiness for every individual. She has built practical experience in various managerial positions in the companies Dinamik Centar, AK Kompresor and Merkur International. For the last 8 years she has led teams in the positions of: Quality Manager, Customer care Manager, Operations Manager, Sales Director, After Sales Director and in the position of General Manager.

As she deeply believes that continuous learning is a value that guides her through life, and knowledge is a resource that guides and determines us, she has attended numerous educations and trainings, and she performs many of them herself. She is a certified NLP trainer and has completed Erickson coaching training according to ICF standards. She is energetic, creative and active with a strong focus and faith in positive outcomes – “because if he’s not happy, then it’s not the end, is he?”

Ivana says that her purpose has always been to teach, develop and support individuals and teams in order to achieve company goals and achieve full individual potential.




graduated in psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade.

As a certified REBT therapist, consultant Albert Ellis from New York and a consultant to the international company Human Synergistics, since the beginning of his career he has been applying the acquired psychological knowledge in business, providing a unique range of services in the field of employee development and organizational development.

After many years of work for the most prestigious companies operating in our market (ComTrade Group, Merkur, KBC Bank), gained valuable practical experience in human resource management and HR system development, they become the starting point for creating its own methods of approaching clients.

It helps companies to improve their internal organization and improve the organizational culture, through the most modern methods of corporate development, based on HR consulting, coaching and mentoring. The application of modern coaching tools is her passion in working with teams and individuals, which helps them achieve their greater team and personal efficiency and productivity, as well as better adapt to change.

As she herself is focused on sports, she gladly gets involved in the organization of adrenaline teambuilding, enjoying the spread of positive energy that awakens the energy of change, both in the personal development of the individual and the dynamics of the team.




International lecturer

Personal trainer;

Professor of Applied Psychology and Communication;

Professor of Leadership and Personnel Management;

Professor of the theory of healthy living (wellness), physiology of sports and hygiene of sports;

Doctor of Medical sciences and Forensic specialist.



Home Faculty (from student to professor) – Faculty of Medicine, University of Novi Sad (1970-1993);

Academic, specialist, scientific and professional work at Stanford (Palo Alto, California, USA), Cornell and NYU universities (New York, USA) as well as in Helsinki (Finland), Ancona (Italy), Aberdeen and London (UK) , Belgrade and Novi Sad;

Professional work in FBI (USA) and Scotland Yard (UK);

Double winner of the Fulbright (award) scholarship in the field of science.




For the past 25 years, Ivan Kokeza has been CEO / CEO and consultant with intensive experience in several areas, including energy, oil and gas, pharmacy and medical technology, satellite tracking system and other innovative industries.

He has led teams and participated in very different projects in 38 countries.

He was a member of eight Boards of Directors in companies in the USA, Canada, Switzerland, France, Germany and one Board of Directors in Serbia.

Since 2015. Ivan has been a consultant and mentor to managers, helping them to improve their leadership skills with their own SAIL method.




is one of the leading trainers of development skills in our region, as well as a successful professional consultant who has been developing the potential of employees in domestic and foreign companies for years.

She has been consulting for more than 10 years and during that time she has held a large number of trainings, workshops and educations throughout the region. As a professional consultant, she held individual sessions as well as trainings for team development in domestic and foreign companies.

After a series of specializations around the world with the most recognized experts, she is licensed for coaching and training. She has had the opportunity to learn from top experts such as Marilyn W. Atkinson, Marshall Goldsmith, Bryan Tracy, Bob Proctor, Mickael Dufourneaud, Silvia Viola, Lynn Skotnitsky, Carla Benedetti, Laura Silva, Paula Paterson and many more. others.

Graduated in Economics with a degree in Management. Many years of experience in finance helps her to understand her clients and the way they do business in a very professional way.



as a professional trainer of business skills he acquired his knowledge through formal university education, non-formal vocational education in educational programs abroad, but also through practical work in business, leading several companies as owner or consultant, as well as two large organizations (Mensa Srbije and Klub Uspesnih ), directly dealing with these skills, which he has been successfully passing on to his students for thirteen years.

24 years of experience

13 years of experience in education

350+ courses and seminars held

7,000+ participants in courses and seminars from all countries of the former Yugoslavia and beyond

15 countries from which the participants attended the courses

5 basic educational programs and 12 sub-units

9 chambers of commerce, 10 faculties, 6 business centers, state and private institutions as hosts and organizers of its courses and seminars

400+ companies that sent their participants for training


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