The goal of the “Be a part of the bigger picture” program is to coordinate teams, so that everybody puts maximum efforts to achieve the best team result. Participants are divided into teams and each team is given a part of a joint picture to paint. They have to use their creativity and to coordinate well to create a master piece.

Good cooperation between the teams is necessary in order for all the details of the common picture to fit.

This program shows the importance of teamwork in a great way and leaves a lasting and beautiful reminder to the company in the form of a “work of art” that will adorn some of your walls.

The program can be realized indoors, but it is possible outdoors as well, if weather allows.

Number of participants:we recommend from 3 to 5 per team. The total number of participants is not limited.

Benefits: teamwork, communication between teams, breaking cells (silos), a pressure-free program where participants will feel relaxed and carefree. The joint result leaves a great impression on the participants. One of the client’s comments was: “We have never done more purposeful team building”.


Arena team building


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