Slikarska radiona team building
Slikarska radionica team building

Lančana reakcija - indoor team building What can your team expect?
Connection, coordination, and creativity are crucial. Divide into teams, each with a part of a common picture, and collectively create masterpieces. Every brushstroke or choice of color becomes a part of a larger picture symbolizing harmony and the contribution of each team member.

Why choose this program?
Beyond creating an artwork that will captivate all participants, our workshop fosters team dynamics, breaks barriers among teams, and creates a space where everyone feels free to contribute. There’s no pressure – just an open environment for expressing creativity and building connections within the team.

What do you get as a result?
Our program not only leaves a strong impression on participants but also creates a lasting symbol of collaboration – an artwork that will adorn your space. This picture isn’t just a result of teamwork; it serves as a reminder of your dedication to the team and unity. One of our clients said: “We’ve never done a more purposeful team building”.


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