palić quest

Palić Quest is an interesting game that will help you get to know Palić Lake, the surroundings of the lake, the history, architecture and geographical features of the Palić region with an unforgettable time.
This team building program is designed so that participants through orienteering get to know the history and sights that are located in the vicinity of this lake.
At the beginning of the program, participants receive game instructions and numbered photos of the locations they need to visit. At each location they visit, participants will be given a specific task to solve and which will direct them to a new location. The complexity of the tasks is adjustable. Tasks can be physical or logical in nature, and are designed to strengthen the team spirit of the team and make your Quest even more interesting. The goal of the entire team building program is for the participants to have a good time, get to know each other or strengthen existing ties, as well as to get to know the features of the Palić region. Locations planned for the tour: Palić Zoo, Palić Water Tower, Women’s Beach, Men’s Beach, Thermal Pool, Youth Lake, Sailing Club, Summer Stage. At the end of the program, participants will have the opportunity to refresh and cheer up in one of the old wineries in Palić.

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