Music and dance workshops are a fun way to connect any group! Great option for taking employees out of their daily lives and a great opportunity to communicate with each other. A traditional salsa lesson is a great way to learn about Spanish culture.

Activities and workshops to build a music and dance troupe are perfect for developing skills such as creativity, leadership, collaboration and adaptability, while building positive relationships among colleagues. By creating your own choreographies or songs, you will test, test and develop employee communication, cooperation, leadership and interpersonal skills!

These activities are guaranteed to inspire a competitive spirit among the teams, and bring unforgettable fun.

However, how much are we able to play and dance?


Healthy bonding to your team

Imagine giving your staff two / three hours of dancing and fun to help them learn how to lead, how to follow, and how to collaborate. It will be an exciting way to encourage employees to get to know each other better while having fun in a healthy and expressive way. Even when you save it all and save it for re-viewing and reminiscing about great fun. Such programs can be organized as part of Talent shoow.


What is the size of the groups that can participate in music and dance workshops?

Music and dance team building / workshop activities are suitable for small groups and large groups, from 20 to 100 people or more, we will create the perfect corporate dance lesson or group music activity for your number of participants whether working together in one or more groups.


Do we have to bring special equipment?

It depends on the type of music team building activity or group dance workshop you are reserving; instruments and equipment are mostly included, but participants may need to bring their own comfortable clothes and shoes. The organization of activities will be fully involved, but you may need to provide adequate space / room in your offices or premises or in another location.


How long do classes or workshops last?

It very much depends on whose corporate dance lesson or group music activity you are participating in, but most of it is divided into two blocks, choreography practice or a song that lasts approximately 1.5-2 hours and a performance, ie. A performance that lasts 15 minutes to half an hour. In any case, these activities can be adapted to your needs, so these activities can be divided into several blocks.


What can I expect from a dance and music workshop?

Lots of fun! Our workshops and classes are designed to connect your team with a fun experience, giving them lots of memories to remember. In doing so, they will develop skills such as communication, motivation, creativity, cooperation and building interpersonal relationships.



Music and dance workshops are a unique form of team building and can be a fun surprise of the evening.

Music and dance best elevate the atmosphere, fun is unthinkable without them. Such teambuildings will present employees in the right and best light.