Quiz is a game that can also be called a smart sport. In quizzes, players, either as individuals or in teams, try to answer the questions asked correctly in order to win a prize.

Quizzes motivate – quizzes can be used to motivate people to “want” to learn. Quizzes help us to remember and learn various information, as well as to expand our knowledge. Also, quizzes promote healthy debate among participants in order to learn from each other. Then, quizzes help to think from different angles or simply “to think outside the box”. Finally, quizzes help relieve tension in your daily work routine.

Therefore, quizzes can be a great idea for a fun and useful team building!


Quiz as a complementary activity to your event

The quizcan be a great complement to the corporate program you have planned, or be an extra pastime before or after a corporate dinner or lunch. At Team Building Arena, we strive to create a tailor-made quiz for each client. Interesting questions on the quiz may reflect your corporate values or may be related to important information about your business, equipment, materials and the like. In this way, you will share important information with your employees or partners in a less formal atmosphere, through good fun.

An interesting quiz

Team Building Arena offers professional equipment for quizzes, which we often supplement with “special elements”. In our interesting quiz, you will turn the world upside down with the help of drunken glasses, explain to colleagues the terms without voice and pantomime, remember songs from your youth in a special music quiz or remember your favorite movies in a movie quiz. In addition, at your request, presenters can be celebrities and professionals who will add value to the entire entertainment program.

Digital quiz

First of all, it should be said that digital quizzes that are played on mobile phones or other electronic devices through the licenses we provide for you are becoming more and more popular. They proved to be very grateful when working remotely due to the dangerous epidemiological situation with the coronavirus, they do not require gathering all participants in one place. Thus, they bring additional flexibility and comfort that can include a larger number of participants. These quizzes can also be organized as group competitions, and the groups communicate with each other via one of the platforms of your choice. They can also be individual competitions in which everyone solves questions for themselves.


Whatever type of quiz you choose, it is sure to bring great fun to your team. Then, quizzes will help you better solve tasks and encourage a healthy competitive spirit. Then, the quizzes will speed up communication among employees. Finally, in some cases, it will help participants recognize what they know and what they do not, and will further interest them in expanding their areas of knowledge.