raft building

“Raft building” program is suitable for warm weather.

We offer an excellent exercise for companies that, besides adventure, aim at building a strong team spirit. The program can be implemented at the shores of small or large lakes or smooth waters. In addition to raft building, participants are assigned with additional tasks during the program. Experience another unforgettable adventure with your Arena No. 1!

Recommended locations:

  • Silver Lake;
  • Borkovačko Lake;
  • Borsko Lake.

Arena team building



Slavica Blejić +381 63 63 63 60

Miloš Macura +381 63 63 63 60

Aleksandar Banjanac +381 63 63 63 60



Nehruova 51b, Block 44, Belgrade

working hours

Mon-Fri: 09:00 – 17:00