Maintaining team building activities during coronavirus raises questions: how to get together and keep a safe distance? What kind of team building activities can you implement? Read our ideas for safe team building activities in the conditions of the COVID-19 epidemic.


Why organize team building in the midst of a coronavirus epidemic?

The answer to this question is the same as the general answer essential for successful business. Without a team sense, people work harder and feel less motivated by their tasks.

You know very well how difficult it was to keep teams strong during the state of emergency and work outside the office. Most of the little rituals that hold us together are disrupted. No more gossip over coffee or jokes during shared lunches. Since many teams work apart for months, managers need to think of alternative ways to keep teams together. So, that’s why you need a team building activity, one that can be organized in such extraordinary circumstances.


Safety comes first

First, the responsibility of each individual is crucial to the safety and health of all in the collective. As long as the measures of distancing are still in force, as long as there are restrictions on the number of employees who can gather at the same time, it is important that we adhere to these measures absolutely strictly.

Therefore, we present you with ideas for organizing a team building event that is COVID-19 safe. Basic rules: provide hygiene products for everyone, don’t forget to keep a minimum distance, keep windows open if the activity is organized indoors! Before planning, always check the guidelines of the crisis headquarters, in case the recommendations change.

In the end, things become much simpler if you decide to make the team building activity virtual, ie. that everyone participates from their home.


Virtual team building activities

We will first go through the proposals of virtual activities that have become the most specific type of team building program in the circumstances of the coronavirus epidemic. Of course, the reason for that is the greatest security and safety of such programs.

We suggest the following programs:

– Organization of a digital quiz that employees will solve on their mobile phones or tablets. The program can be organized as a competition in which everyone competes for themselves or as a group competition in which communication is done through one of the communication platforms of your choice.

– Solving an online mystery done in groups of 5 participants

– Online „Vampire Hunt“ – a series of unusual and seemingly unsolvable puzzles that the team must figure out

– “Leaders save the world” – each participant interprets the character of one of the world leaders and solves tasks related to that character while together they find a solution to save the world from a dangerous virus

“In the fresh air” – the participants of this program move outside and activate tasks on the phone by crossing a certain distance. The task will be activated by activating the odometer.


Outdoor activities

Then there are activities that should be used while the weather is still nice! Assemble a team outdoors and enjoy one of the COVID-19 safe programs. We recommend simple, non-contact programs such as:

Treasure hunt

Tablet tours

Tesla quest

Outdoor cooking workshop

Challage hunters



Arena city quest

Bomb deactivation


Laser tag

– Paintball


Indoor activities

Finally, with the practice of all precautions and programs indoors can be a completely safe form of team building activities. We suggest some of the following activities:

Painting workshop

Caricature workshop

Bomb deactivation

Cooking workshop

Dark mystery


Laser tag

– Paintball


As your team adapts to extraordinary circumstances, make sure you make the most of the complex situation. In the end, successful adaptation is the key to success. Don’t give up on your plans and investments in your team, a strong team can beat any challenge!