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You are in the kingdom of King Vladislav. You can see hectic soldiers all around you, while people are hiding in their homes. A boy is approaching you and telling that the Queen has been abducted and that the King has announced a reward for returning her home.

The kidnapper is a notorious thug. For years he has sowed fear in the kingdom and no one could confront him. The king was forced to embark on a liberation mission on his own, but unfortunately he was unable to overcome all the obstacles encountered on his path.

Can you help King Vladislav to outsmart the thug and to return the Queen inside of the Kingdom walls?

Tablet tours are room escape programs moved outside the rooms, to the urban space. This game has been digitally enhanced so you can handle all the tasks on your tablet or yours mobile phone. Wide range of enigmas for solving are awaiting you, logical and mathematical tasks, but there will also be photo shooting and video recording.

The topic can also be related to the history of a city, so you can expect to learn a lot of interesting facts.

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