We have designed a workshop for you where you will be able to learn with the instructions of our professional cartoonist how to master the basic elements that are important for drawing a caricatures. No prior knowledge is required because you will receive instructions step by step, so even the untalented will get a very good result!

Draw a portrait of your colleague or boss in a humorous way, the way you see it. And if necessary, our cartoonist will add a “final touch” to make the result even funnier. Through the workshop you will learn how to recognize someone’s “funny” sides and we are sure you will have great fun and smile, and as a souvenir you will take with you a collage made of all the cartoons you will make, so you can hang it in the office.

Through the presentations themselves, which come at the end, you will additionally get to know your colleagues and what is characteristic of them.

Number of participants: we recommend groups of up to 20 participants in one room. If the number of people is higher, presentations are made in different spaces. For example, for 60 participants in 3 separate halls.

Benefits: fun, meeting the ghosts of colleagues.

Arena team building


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