Teams do not cooperate well with each other or do not pay attention, do not provide help when needed.

Through the Rollercoaster program, send them a message that the project can be completed only if all teams complete their part of the work, but also cooperate and help other teams to do their part.

Participants receive a predefined set of materials as well as instructions that will guide them on how to make their own rollercoaster, so that the ball, only with the help of gravity, crosses the construction and activates the next rollercoaster. With the action cards that we provide and the effort invested, the teams will be able to complete the task. After completing the task, everyone is delighted with the result and rejoices in the mutual success!

Number of participants: we recommend from 4 to 8 participants per team. The maximum number of participants is limited only by the space in which the event takes place. The recommended minimum is three teams.

Benefits: teamwork, creativity, strategy development, leadership skills, logical thinking, communication development, cell breaking and better collaboration between teams.

Space: we recommend that the rollercoaster be realized indoors. It is possible to run this program outdoors, but there may be minor disturbances in case of wind.

Arena team building


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