Traditional outdoor team building events are mainly based on close contact and interaction between employees. However, during the pandemic, this was no longer an option. Therefore, many virtual activities have been launched, adapted to social distancing. Arena has created such programs that are still in our offer:

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Team building is more than needed during the entry into the “new normality”. Therefore, it is not surprising that there is currently a significantly increased interest in the organization of team building. Traditional team building, outdoors.



Reunite your team again

It’s been a while since your team has seen each other face to face. Talking to others online is simply not the same as socializing in the same space.

Gathering outside the workplace allows your employees to connect with each other and renew their relationships in a stress-free environment. It is normal that the employees simply wanted close contact and socializing.

Epidemiological measures that limited larger gatherings are no longer in force. Given the scope of vaccination, it can be expected that he will not return in the near future. When you add to that that currently is the best time for interesting team building activities outdoors, it is not surprising that there is a significant interest in the realization of team building.


Encourage the morale of your employees

Returning to the office after so much work from home will not be an easy adjustment for your employees. It will probably take some time for everyone to find their way back. After everything that happened, morale will probably fall. Your employees may feel stressed as they struggle to produce the same high-quality work they had before the pandemic.

Therefore, we suggest taking your team to a beautiful location in nature is the perfect way to lift your spirits. Team building outdoor activities can help restore company morale and allow your employees to progress.



Increase motivation

Working from home, your employees may be used to doing things their own way. They had to make some big adjustments. It was not easy for them to work while they were educating their children and making sure that their families remained safe.

When returning to the office, your team may not have the same motivation and focus. Therefore, we suggest that your team go to a location outside the workplace. This can help you restore your team’s motivation. When your employees successfully master tasks during outdoor team building activities, they will feel good about themselves. Their self-confidence will increase. Higher motivation and self-confidence lead to higher productivity. It can certainly help your company get back on track.



Are you considering a post-pandemic gathering for your employees outside the workplace?

Companies may have had to adjust to continue working during the Kovid pandemic, but those changes will not last forever. Off-the-job meetings and team building activities help your employees reunite and allow them to get to know each other again. They raise morale and provide the motivation your team needs to get your company back where it needs to be.

For all your corporate event needs, Arena is here to help. Our wide range of outdoor and indoor activities provides the perfect environment for bringing your team together.