A few years after the liberation from the great enemy, in the middle of the 19th century, the Balkans is facing the challenge of saving itself from the new apocalypse that threatens it. This time it’s not about natural enemies, but something much worse – it’s about VAMPIRES – the dead who get up from their graves at night and drink people’s blood, thus turning them into vampires.

In this program, after a brief introduction to the rules and presentation of the game, we divide the participants into virtual rooms on the application you are using (Zoom, Teams…). Each participant will receive in a separate file identical tasks that differ in level of difficulty, and which should be solved by the whole team. Most tasks should not be solved without the help of teammates. The captains of each team will have a special role and duties, who will enter answers for the entire team through the application.

After successfully solving each task, the teams get a letter that is part of the final solution that they come to by anagramming.

The program is implemented through the “Zoom” or “Teams” platform.

Number of participants: 10-∞

Duration: 60 min.

Price: 25 eur per participant