An online adventure with a theme and questions tailored to your company! The program is completely adaptable to your ideas and needs. Our assistance will shape your idea into an exciting program in which all employees will participate equally. It will be up to the employees to choose their character and embark on an adventure.


In this program, after a brief introduction to the rules and presentation of the game, we divide the participants into virtual rooms on the application you are using (Zoom, Teams…). Each participant will receive in a separate file identical tasks that differ in level of difficulty, and which should be solved by the whole team. Most tasks should not be solved without the help of teammates. The captains of each team will have a special role and duties, who will enter answers for the entire team through the application. Sometimes colleagues have certain clues if they are logical or it is necessary to record one of the colleagues, if they are “fun” tasks.


After solving each task, they get a letter that is part of the final solution, which they come to by anagramming. All results, as well as materials, immediately arrive to us on the server, so after the game we immediately announce the winner, and we send you photos and videos taken by the participants.


The solution itself takes from 40 to 50 minutes on average, and with the announcement of the program and the announcement of the winner, about an hour. The minimum for realization is 10 persons.



Number of participants: 10-∞

Duration: 1h

Price: 15 eur per participant