The program “In the fresh air” is performing individually, outdoors.


Each of the participants can walk wherever they want, out of the apartment, on the countryside or anywhere else, all they need is a mobile phone.


For every 100-200 meters covered, one task appears related to one of the 20 highest peaks on Earth, ie the countries in which they are located.


The tasks are interesting, logical, not too difficult. It is not important how fast you walk, but only to cross all 20 distances and answer as many correct answers as possible. Competitors do not have to work all at the same time, we can give them a day or two when they can solve, and then we collect results and send them to you.


The distance is adjustable according to your request. If team members are more or less active, the duration of the porgram can depend (30min-3h).



Number of participants: 10-∞

Duration: 30 min. -3h

Price: 15 eur per participant