interesting quiz

A quiz that does not evaluate your knowledge, but how well you had fun.

Turn the world upside down with the help of drunken glasses, explain to colleagues the terms without voice and pantomime, remember songs from your youth and favorite movies. Train your attention, concentration and agility.

Arm yourself with a good mood and competitive spirit, and we promise you team building that you will remember for laughter and good fun.

All in all, expect a fun program rather than a knowledge test!

By agreement and need, one or more games can be on topics that your company wants to present to employees.

Number of participants:our recommendation is from 3 to 6 per team. The total number of participants can be up to 400 if the space in which the event is organized allows it.

Benefits:team decision making, fun, competition, meeting colleagues from a different perspective.


Arena team building


Slavica Bjelić

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